Dr. James Harden
Certified Legal Investigator

James is a Diverse and extremely talented professional. He has excelled as a Philanthropist, however, continues to hone and develop skills in the area of, Investigations and Consultations with Community iStake Holders. His Expertise is in Investigations, strategic evidence recovery, and fraud detection. In addition, experience in grant writing and funding development.

James has handled ID theft and fraud for many clients, firms, and companies. He is the only Nationally Certified Legal Investigator in Nevada. In addition to being licensed in the state of Nevada as a Private Investigator qualifying agent. He is also an active member of the International Financial Crimes Investigators Association.

James is a multifaceted and excellent influential professional. However being in Las Vegas for more than 20yrs he has deep relationships with the philanthropy community, Law Enforcement, Investigations, and the city's community professionals.

Colleagues know Mr. Harden as a highly motivated professional committed to the local community, where he often volunteers his spare time being a mentor and chairing several non-profit boards. As a leader, he never tries to impose his ideas on others. Instead, James spends quality time listening to the needs of the clients and understanding business pragmatics before suggesting strategic and methodological approaches. While James can (and often does) work well alone, he feels at his best collaborating, working, and developing a team approach with many projects.

James is Certified and trained in Criminal, Financial, and Cybercrimes investigations.

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