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A Certified Legal Investigator in Nevada serving the U.S. There is over 30 yrs of experience and expertise in carrying out investigations with extreme thoroughness and caution. Whether a case is major or minor, We will do everything we can to satisfy my clients. Our clients arwe safe as they enjoy the descretion and confidentiality we guarantee with all of our cases. We offer everything from legal investigation assistance to background checks, locates, missing persons, cyber and internet breaches, litigation defense, video and photo evidence, as well as insurance cases. Contact me at (702) 530 - 9539.

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Protection for your business

Your business can be put at risk when inside secrets or insider trading takes place without your knowledge. Though it generally doesn't play out as dramatically as it does in the movies, even a disgruntled employee can have a profound effect on your business if they're involved in shady or illegal activities. S.E.E. Investigations & Consulting can root out this type of activity by providing a variety of business investigations on your behalf. We can use our investigate license and abilities to trace the sharing of corporate files to your competitors and discover who is responsible for putting your company in jeopardy.

Experienced Professional

I'm an expert legal investigator and consultant dedicated to serving North Las Vegas for several years now. I will be happy to be of service. I specialize in lots of different investigations, including finding missing persons and tracking absent employees. With my tailored and competitively-priced service, I can find the best solution for you. Speak to a friendly and experienced investigator today for free, no-obligation advice. Please get in touch with me today.
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